Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

March 2, 2017
By Anonymous

This book Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a good book that I can say myself because I obviously read this book. The genre of the book is a comedy, it is pretty funny every now and then. Jeff Kinney is the author of these series called “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. The setting in this book is at Crossland High School and his house. It was in New York times and the time of the story is in 2008. It is about Greg who is in middle school and it is just his life and what he does.


The major character is Greg Heffley and he is in middle school. He is a scrawny kid who doesn't have that many friends. He an average kid who is fat or too skinny. He sometimes plays around and makes fun of his friends and they like to do that every now and then. He also likes to play games and stay inside. Greg likes this one girl whose name is Holly Hills. Greg has an older brother and younger brother. He is the big idea in this book and it is based on his life and what goes on with him. His brother is another idea that helps with this series.

The minor characters in this book are Greg, Rowley, Susan (Mom), Frank (Dad), Manny, Rodrick. Greg and Rowley are best friends and they like meet up every day. Susan and Frank are the parents of Greg, Manny, and Rodrick. The mom and dad give Rodrick and Greg the house to bond together but Rodrick just throws a party. They later get in trouble for it because someone painted the door and then they changed the door to hide the proof.

In the beginning of the story is starts off where Greg is on summer break. He doesn't really have that much fun during summer break. He starts to go back to school and there isn't really that many new people in school. It is usual for people in his life. He does Like Holly Hills she is the girl of his dreams. The climax of the story is when Rodrick throws a party and tries to cover it up. Greg doesn't get to be in the party Rodrick locks him in the basement. Someone writes “Rodrick Rules” on the door it also had a lock. So then Rodrick and Greg had to replace it with a door from the basement. Rodrick and Greg start to get worried because Frank says “wasn't there a lock on this door”. They don't get caught by the door but when Rodrick takes a bunch of pictures of his dad's camera. Then their bond starts to get worse and they don't have each other's trust anymore. Later on, Greg starts to get popular at High school for invading the women's bathroom.

I like this book I recommended it for mostly teenagers and lower. It has a good beginning and ending. I like how he wasn't really a popular guy in the beginning of the book but later he does get popular. I would say that teenagers read this because you can get an idea of middle school. You can see some of the people in real life in this book. I myself attend middle school and I know the gist of people who are in middle school.

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