Charlie and The Chocalate Factory by Roald Dahl

March 2, 2017
By , Norridge , IL

Roald Dahl had written a book called, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory which is a fictional novel.This novel took place in modern times in an unnamed city.This is about a poor family who is just looking for some hope and their opportunity is there when the golden tickets start going out. The family tries to win the ticket and they do and go on an incredible journey through the factory.The family because very happy and excited about their lives  
The major character in this book is Charlie and he is 11 years old he is very easy going, happy, and excited about his life.These traits give him the personality of a happy kid who doesn’t beg for new things.This gives him the feel of a boy that is humble and very positive to his life. He lives in a poor family and is scrawny who doesn’t have many things or much hope at all. He wins the ticket and goes on an adventure with other kids that aren't grateful for what they won. He represents in this story a boy with the hope that he will become a grateful and positive kid.
Some other minor characters are his Grandpa who is really old but finds a way to be happy with his life and not always be angry. Another minor character is Willy Wonka because he is the factory owner who takes them on a really cool adventure and gave hope to Charlie’s family. Another minor character is the kids that go on the trip with Charlie they make a difference because they teach us lessons like not being bratty and valuing life. These kids have a huge impact on Charlie's trip and play a big role in having Charlie be the last one standing.

In the beginning of the story, Charlie is living with his miserable family that is poor and is very sad.Charlie and his family realize that there are tickets going around and are giving a trip to the factory and free chocolate.This gives hope to the family and starts believing that they can win a life of chocolate.This also gives hope to the readers that their life will get better .Towards the middle of the book he wins the ticket and his very excited and positive to go there. He is very happy with his situation. He goes to the factory and a lot of kids get lost or hurt and end up being gone.In the end, he goes on the Great Glass Elevator with Willy Wonka and goes on another trip.This is the sequel to it which I think is also very entertaining.At the end, Charlie shows that is more than just chocolate but it has brought him happiness.

To me, this is a really entertaining book that can grab your attention and keep reading about his adventure.It has good plot twists and other good things like humor.Also, this book is terrific because there is a really good amount of action that is brought to you by the sad beginning then the very exciting and happy ending.To me, I would read this book if I was between 10-12 because it is a good easy read that will entertain you but is not just a children’s book.You would enjoy this because it teaches valuable lessons and shows hope should always be there and to never stop believing.Finally, I would rate it a 4.5/5 because it was funny and serious at the same time.

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