The Romanovs by Simon Sebag Montefiore

November 16, 2016

If you enjoy learning about Russian history, history in general, or you just want to learn about the age of monarchs in Russia, then pick this outstanding book today!

I love history, and thus I constantly look around for books that are nonfiction, historical reads. I was once browsing Barnes and Noble one day when this book caught my eye. I opened the book, turned to the summary, and began to read. The clear summary, gave me an overview that helped me to decide if this book was for me. It definitely was. I was amazed at how the author took the Romanov’s lives and made them into a story spanning three hundred four years. The attention to detail while doing so is immaculate, and has helped me to learn more about the lives of Russia’s Imperial family.

The Romanov’s is about the royal family of Russia that ruled consecutively for three hundred four years. Within the book is the fantastic achievements, and failures of the various family members. The author  describes the lives of these remarkable Monarchs with rich and vivid detail, even providing from- period portraits of the people mentioned throughout. The author not only describes and explains the story of just the Romanovs, but also that of the many world leaders, and government officials that interacted with the Russian royal family as well. Throughout, the author even inserts his own opinions about certain events, without being biased, which helps the reader develop their own opinion on the topic mentioned. I am not normally one to critique things, especially great books, however nothing is perfect, and this book does, in my opinion lack enthusiasm during times of peace within the book. However I do believe that

If detail is something your mind is after, this book can definitely remedy you. The author makes sure to describe the Romanov’s, their friends and enemies to the best of his ability. If he cannot fit enough about one detail into one page, he will go so far as to include a segment at the bottom of the page, ensuring that you are not left to go home and google something that you did not know about previously. As mentioned earlier, the author also brings portraits made during the period in question to the table, that really help the reader to get a detailed look at who they are reading about. A fantastic example of the author’s attention to detail is easily seen from this quote “ On 1 January 1813, Alexander and his army crossed the Niemen into Napoleon’s empire, immediately reaching out to the Prussian king, who by late February had joined this new alliance against France, fielding 150,000 Russians l and 80,000 Prussians, all to be funded by Britain.” Pg. 309. Here we can see that the author has not left any question as to who was involved, what their objective was, and when the action occurred. In conclusion, this is just one of many concrete examples found throughout this large, wonderful book of important history. 

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