Missing Pieces by Meredith Tate

November 16, 2016

“Maybe when love is the unstoppable force, there is no object it can move. And maybe when it reaches that immovable object, that single thing standing in its way, it will find a way around. It will find a way to live.”

What if you were forced to be with someone you didn’t love? In this dystopian novel, who you’re with is chosen for you at a very young age, based on your perfect genetic match. Your parents, siblings, and partners are the only ones you love. Anyone who crosses this boundary is a law breaker, a criminal. In this perfervid and heartfelt novel, is the story of a forbidden love. It will take you on a journey of survival and hope unlike any other.

In Meredith Tates, Missing Pieces, Young Tracey bailey has found herself in a position, impossible to fix. After receiving her partner of a lifetime, she has found herself rather unsatisfied. Luckily for her, close friend Piren Allston always finds a way to cheer her up. After years spent with their partners, they still cannot be apart. The realization that the bond they share is much stronger than a friendship is found to be a barrier standing in their way making them unable to continue their lives with someone else. In the world they live in, anything more than friendship is forbidden and foolish. Failure to succeed their simple laws leads to banishment to the terrible, dreadful Lornstown, a place even death is chosen over. The characters have to take their pick, will it be love or law? Read this poignant, rebellious, heart-wrenching novel that is worth every second to find out more.

Unlike your stereotypical dystopian type novels in a complex society, this novel captures every moment in a delicate, yet haunting way focusing on the people and how they deal with the society they were born into and the people around them. The words in the novel paint a vibrant picture of each scene that connects you with the characters emotions and ties you into the story. It brings a different angle to the dystopian society that is impossible to put down. The author's words smoothly describe the characters thoughts and emotions as it switches point of views between the two main characters. You feel as if you are a character in the story yourself.
Missing pieces is a pure romance novel with a strong message of what it truly means to love someone and the sacrifices you’ll make. Tate’s Novel teaches you the importance of love through her vivid imagery and her unique, compelling twist on society, and how love will take over if you don’t embrace it freely. If you're into romance and fantasy, this captivating page-turner is not one to skip. If not, this one is sure to change your mind.

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