Animal Farm by George Orwell

November 16, 2016
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What makes a story a fairy tale? That is the question that resonates with the reader after reading Animal Farm  by George Orwell and learning that he described the book as such.

Animal farm is a “fairy tale” written about the path to tyranny  during the Russian revolution. Animal farm is the story have Stalin rose to power portrayed through the extended metaphor of a farm.

The way Orwell connects such a serious topic thorough what he calls a fairly tale is amazing. All of the characters are so relatable to the reader. The characters are also so well related to the historical figures whom which they were based. The pig Napoleon is based off of Joseph Stalin. Napoleon mimics the historic actions of Stalin. The dogs that Napoleon uses to gain power represents the military that Stalin used. Napoleon also mimics Stalin int the fact that he slowly reverts back to the system that they broke away from and rebelled against. This in turn expands the reader's knowledge of the Russian revolution and gives a perspective of many different people or groups of people. The book is an emotional roller coaster. The simple and precise language makes it easy to follow along and deepens the reader's connection to certain character. There's so many unexpected twists and turns that will make you reread in disbelief.

The path to tyranny  is clearly laid out. The oppressive humans are called tyrants in the beginning of the book which sets the base for what a tyrant  is. When the pigs morph into human it is clear what is happening. The pigs slowly pick up habits of man gradually speeding up until there is no difference between them.

To destroy a broken system one must have a definite and unwavering objective.

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