Hush, Hush saga

October 31, 2016

    This month I read The Hush, Hush saga. I Love this book Series it is wonderful. I have read it a few times before but this time I took my time to, understand how they felt. I did not get to read book four this time but I will in the near future.

    This book is about A human and a fallen angel that fall in love and go through all of these hardships but still stay together with more love than before.

   The first book starts with how they meet in their Bio class in the 10th grade, where they are assigned to do an assignment on each other and she finds out how much this boy - she had never met before- knows about her and he didn't let her know anything about him. We later find out that he wanted to kill her, but fell for her instead.

    soon after we learned of this we find out that someone else had been trying to kill her the whole time. They end up saving each other lives and by saving her life, he became her guardian angel. I thought this was really sweet and cool because he saved her by rejecting her sacrifice, Because she is related to his vessel and therefore can be sacrificed, to get him a human body, which he has wanted since he fell because as a fallen angel he can't feel anything physical.

     Then in the second book break up. With this breakup came a lot more feelings some of which were relatively close to anguish. She almost dies and he saves her. after he saves her she gets kidnapped and all of her memories get erased.

     In book 3 She meets the fallen angel and she has no memories of him but she feels like people aren't telling her anything she wants to know and if they did that they were lying. She later gets her memories back and she yells at him for not telling her the truth.

     In book 4 there is a huge battle with the fallen angels and their vessels and everyone that can eventually become one. She became a Nephil which is what the vessels are called - They are half, human half, fallen angel- The outcome is very vague but the two of them live and as a reward for saving the world they give the fallen angel the ability to feel. Then they live happily forever after. No really forever after.

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