The Queen of Water by Laura Resau

November 10, 2016

Virginia is one just one child of many, who was taken from her poor family to be used as a slave for a wealthy family. Not only does Virginia as a small child overcome fears in her new household but she experiences unpleasant events while there. The novel is a true story based on Maria Virginia Farinango’s life experiences as she grew up in Ecuador. From the beatings from Doctorita to the gropings of Nino Carlitos, Virginia learned to keep quiet and grow big until her shining moment. She was just a regular indigena who loved her pet goat and lived her life to the fullest until they arrived. A wealthy couple took Virginia from her poor home for her to work for them as a slave. She cleaned diapers, cleaned the entire home and ran errands. However, the more time Virginia spent in the home the more she wanted to escape. Throughout the novel, Virginia comes up with many ways to escape but insists on staying because the family needs her. As the novel continues the groping of Nino Carlitos become too much for Virginia to take so she escapes and runs to a close neighbor, from which she calls her long-forgotten sister. As she plans to return home to her family, Nino Carlitos changes his attitude towards Virginia and insists her to stay because they need her. She finally decides to leave the family and return to her own family from which she was stolen from. Although returning home was a happy ending to a bitter dream, she did not feel like she belonged to her family. Virginia knew that want is power, so she did whatever she needed to do in order to become something. From selling jam to attending a school, hours away ,Virginia did it all. Since the school she attended was far away, she found work in a hotel which later on offered her a room to sleep in. Virginia was tracked down by a young woman who offered her a place in a contest to be a queen of the indigenous culture. Although Virginia did not recognize herself as an indigena but as a mestizo, she overcame that problem by becoming closer with her parents. In the contest, there were going to be three different queens which were the queen of sky, queen of water and queen of corn. Virginia as the title of the novel suggests won the queen of water title because of the obstacles she overcame and management she did to flow freely in society. Virginia, now known as the queen of water receives many opportunities such as meeting the president of Ecuador. The novel finishes where Virginia is at a parade, where she happily recognizes her father, mother, and others like her.

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