Hey, Dad, Get a Life by Todd Strasser

March 2, 2009
By Michelle A. BRONZE, Morgantown, West Virginia
Michelle A. BRONZE, Morgantown, West Virginia
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This story is about a family that has lost a beloved member and soon realizes that they miss him very much. Their dad dies when Sasha and Kelly were young and one of the things they miss is him making breakfast in the morning. He would do the dishes, vacuum the house every once a week, and help with the laundry. After the dad died it felt like things were going crazy. The dishes weren't getting down in the kitchen and the dust under the beds and it was like missing the deadline for summer camp sign up an d forgetting to buy a white shirt for the spring choir performance. Kelly would hear her mom talking about how hard it was without him here with us now and how hard it is to keep everything going in the house.
All of Kelly's and Sasha's permission slips and applications just keep on going and going. School conferences and meetings and laundry, food, doctor and dentist keep on going forever it was like. Kelly thought her dad was back because she heard and lightly knock on the door and she assumed it was mother because her mother did not finished talking to her. I really like this book a lot because it is based on a true story. The girls thought that their dad was making their beds. Everyone thinks he is a ghost in the house helping the mom because she can't do everything in the house and can't make breakfast every morning and everyone misses him so much. Sometimes Kelly's mom cries late at night. Kelly, Sasha and the mother cry late at night.

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