Dairy Queen

February 26, 2009
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Catherine Murdock does a great job of captivating the minds of YA readers wanting a fresh new way to look at 'a not so simple life on the farm'.D.J. is just a farm girl that thinks this summer will turn out same as always, boring, until Brian Nelson comes along. D.J. finds that she is good for more than flinging hay bales and driving tractors, she just might even be smart. D.J. shwenk is a realistic farm girl but is also so much more.
Dairy Queen is Catherine Murdock's debut novel and is Newberry Quality. It is fresh and the characters are easy to relate to. Dairy Queen is like no other book. You'll love it!

Dairy Queen is full of insightful, interesting and important lessons that will intrigue YA readers seeking a realistic twist on a normal teenager's life. 'When you don't talk there's a whole lot of stuff that ends up not getting said' that's what Brian Nelson thinks anyway. But who would care what a jerk like him thinks anyway?

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