The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

February 26, 2009
By Anonymous

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Bruno is a 9 ' year ' old boy who has a comfy life in Berlin. He has a maid, a butler, and a cook. Bruno doesn't know what it's like to have nothing. But that changes when his family moves to Auschwitz. In The boy in the striped pajamas, John Boyne writes this compelling story about Bruno.

When Bruno is forced to move away from his enormous house with his family, his life will change forever. Besides moving in to a smaller house with no 'nooks and cranes' to explore, besides having no one to play with except for his older sister, he is surrounded by soldiers that go in and out of his father's office.Bruno misses his friends, his grandparents, and everything else in Berlin. And he doesn't understand what's going on around him. He hates everything about 'Out-With' and is very lonely until he meets the boy on the other side of the fence.

A powerful story with emotions and pajamas. It takes some time for Bruno to realize what is happening but it all comes together like the pieces of a puzzle. This story will keep readers thinking about what really happened during the Holocaust. The boy in the striped pajamas is Newberry quality.

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