Lord of the Flies

February 26, 2009
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Courageous, confident, and cogent. Ralph is a boy who was stranded on an island along with many other children. Ralph is the kind of character that makes a reader place themselves in that character's position.

The book Lord of the Flies is a realistic/fiction book. It won the Nobel Prize in Literature. As the first paragraph stated: this book is about an airplane-load of school boys are stranded on an island. The main character, Ralph, first meets Piggy, a fat asthmatic. Piggy and Ralph decide to call the other children. The children all meet and decide to create their own civilization, but all goes wrong when Jack Merridew decides to think for himself. This book is very exiting and will not disappoint any reader. The characters in this book are very thought out and readers trust me, you will either love the characters, or hate them.

'A semicircle of little boys, their bodies streaked with colored clay, sharp sticks in their hands, were standing on the beach making no noise at all. 'Fun and games', said the officer' The officer was completely oblivious to the war that was happening, thinking of how harmless children should be. The truth is, without order, we are all savages.

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