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That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis

February 28, 2008
By Jared B. Carl, Galesburg, IL

That Hideous Strength is the third and last book in a series written by C.S. Lewis. Most of you know him by his Chronicles of Narnia, but in my opinion this book is much more dynamic. Like the chronicles, this series, especially the last, relate directly to Christianity and explore it in a new light.
However, That Hideous Strength focuses more on end times and the concept of marriage. The way he portrays marriage is such that no right-minded human being could disagree. Another characteristic of this book is that, like the Chronicles of Narnia, it is crammed full of action and adventure. The plot twists around the idea of loyalty and obedience while still being able to make personal decisions. Also, the way the book is written brings together many different genres of writing. The space adventure brings in a science fiction theme; while the intricate writing and drama gives it a more classic feel.

The characters in this story are so real that you find yourself trying to understand them and wanting to meet them. In the prior books, Dr. Ransom has been the main character, traveling through the vast reaches of space to Venus and Mars (called Perelandra and Malacandra by natives). Nevertheless, Jane is the focus in this story. Headstrong and controlling, she sees her new marriage as an equal partnership, almost businesslike. Once she finally meets Dr. Ransom, however, all of her beliefs are challenged, contradicted and corrected.

In my life I have read hundreds of books, but never have I read such a perfectly written and well thought out novel. Literally every sentence is filled with imagery unequaled by any other. No matter what your religious views may be, this book must be read. Even those without religious beliefs will take a phenomenal amount away from it. Anyone who is not quite sure why they have been put where they are currently, must read this book. Next to the Bible, That Hideous Strength is the most enlightening book I've ever read.

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