Heart to Heart By Jan Greenburg

February 20, 2009
By Gorillas4u BRONZE, Springfield, Michigan
Gorillas4u BRONZE, Springfield, Michigan
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Are you looking for a book that has great poems? Well, look somewhere else. The pictures in this book where the only thing that kept the staples in the spine. Even so, the pictures didn't connect to the poem. Maybe one or two of the poems connected to the picture, but they were bland. Through the complete book, there was only 1 poem that I loved, the 'Brown
The book, Heart to Heart, has an enormous amount of poems, which all are ghastly. The poems that filled this book did not match the poems. Some examples are 'Early Sunday Morning' and a Word. The poem, 'a word', has a picture of a circle. Of course, a circle. How does a circle describe a word? Important questions! On to smash on Early Sunday Morning. It has a strip mall for the picture. Err' this poem is called 'Early Sunday Morning', not my shopping time early Sunday morning.
Some of the poems connected, but I
d this book with a passion. 'Ringside', for example, connected by a fight in a ring. Err' obvious. Give something beside two clay looking figures with a twister on there stomachs, think about that.
Call me fussy; call me bland, this book sucks real bad. That mini poem was as bad as this book. One thing that I know is right: not to read this book. You would have used your time better running around your schools U-drive, or running laps on the track field! Warning! This book is infectious. DO NOT OPEN!

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