February 9, 2009
By Anonymous

You will be dazzled by the book because there truly is a hidden side to everything. The book uses random people, with different occupations and duties, to reveal subtle facts about how much these random people support the author's reasoning and relate to each other.

The authors go into depth on our incentives, which cause us to act the way we do. Just to name several behavioral traits the book goes into, Everyone demonstrates forms of dishonesty. The authors dwell on the fact that everyone cheats, whether it is big or small. He tends to use realistic examples to support this. For example, several of the many Occupations, the authors decided to use for their support are teachers, politicians, athletes, students, doctors, lawyers, and waiters. The authors also group an incentive into an economic incentive, which is when one is motivated to do something for economic rewards. What has given Freakonomics the honor of being named a New York Times Best-Seller is the way it discloses the shocking facts of our lives. The authors, literally, elaborate their topics to extent that we couldn't describe our actions anymore accurately. One vital piece of information, from the novel that distinguishes itself in a positive way, is the power of information.
People, particularly contracts and sellers, tend to disregard information when making deals and contracts to take advantage of unaware buyers . This is somewhat a form of fraud. However, when buyers have access to a resource, such as the internet, greedy contractor's plans backfire on them. The buyers can compare prices to know if they are really getting the best deal. Lastly, everyone applies 'conventional wisdom', which is blending truth and convenience. Often times, we only tell part of a story or only telling people what we want them to know to avoid embarrassment and uncomfortable situations, etc. One can deduct that we live by a set of guidelines that we don't even acknowlege.

Freakonomics, has insights and is informative. Its positive attributes, definitely, out-balance its negative attributes. The only negative aspect of Freakonomics is that it should have been longer! I, definitely, recommend this novel because anyone can gain knowledge from it, to apply it to their lives, when economizing.

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