An Inconvenient Truth

February 9, 2009
An Inconvenient Truth, the Non-fictional writing of Al Gore, is a wake up call to all of the inhabitants in the world. His use of science and personal stories open the eyes of people everywhere. The 'used to be next president of the United States of America' discusses very touchy subjects of global warming. He quite convincingly argues that the increase in carbon dioxide is the cause of global warming. As well as presents a brilliant view of the effects that global warming has had on the earth by using well researched and very well developed facts found by studies done through science and time vs. temperature graphs. Al Gore notes that the effects of high carbon dioxide levels has lead us into a period of global warming that will cause extreme weather, bigger and stronger hurricanes, more precipitation, a melt of the polar ice caps, and effects of the melting glaciers.

Al Gore has become a very persuasive environmental activist and has made his points on global warming very clear. His style of writing in the book, though very dry is very well written as well as very well explained. In 'An Inconvenient Truth', Al Gore does a very excellent job at providing very profound facts founded by a lifetime of hard work and science tests. All though there have been mixed reviews of his book and movie 'An Inconvenient Truth', the message got across to Americans. This message will not be what changes the world, but it will be the spark that starts the flames of change.

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