Privilege by Kate Brian

February 14, 2009
By Cheyenne Schroeder BRONZE, Tyndall, South Dakota
Cheyenne Schroeder BRONZE, Tyndall, South Dakota
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20 years to life in prison is all Ariana has to 'look forward' too. The conviction... murder. All she thinks about day in and day out is escape. After living for almost two years in Brenda T. Facility, she is just waiting for the right moment to put her plan into action. The plan relies fully on Briana Leigh Covington, her huge inheritance, and also her predictability. But when things don't go according to plan, you must be willing to' improvise.

Privilege far surpassed my expectations. The writing and characters of this book stands out from other YA literature currently available. This was not the inappropriate Gossip Girl-esque book that I originally thought it would be. Its uniqueness and no graphic inappropriate sexual content was a nice surprise.

Ariana was a mentally unstable murderer. Yet I really liked her. She had many great qualities that all centered around her morals and guilt ridden conscience. She was a mind-boggling naughty main character who was trying her best to do what's right. Sadly, she had little success, but thankfully she doesn't plan on giving up.

Privilege followed through with a smooth plot that never seemed to stumble. I was always able to predict what was coming next, and yet when it happened I was shocked and surprised. It was all amazingly well formulated and wrought. It isn't a speed read but while reading I was completely entertained.

Privilege was not the nasty, horrible, boring book I thought it was going to be. It was much better! Because of all the violence, profanity, and brief sensuality I feel most comfortable suggesting this book to people ages 14 and up.

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