Generation Me

February 9, 2009
By Anonymous

Jean Twenge in Generation Me depicts the differences between today's generation and the 'baby boomer'. She argues that today's generation, or generation me, is 'more miserable than ever' (Twenge). Generation Me talks about how today's generation are more confident but in contrast they have forgotten all educates and manners and in the outcome they are more miserable than ever. Today's generation is more narcissist than ever. With television, posters, major campaigns promoting ones appearance. Men now are more aware of what they wear and how they wear it, and as this society loves putting labels on everybody let's not forget this well groomed man or 'metrosexuals'.
Unlike other generations Gen ME has been taught to be different no matter what other people say. Gen Me has been taught to be more unique instead of fitting in or not making a splash. In today's generation kids are being taught to be more unique and love yourself more and more and more thus making them more narcissist. Gen ME is so obsessed with physical appearance and making it big, and I don't mean to discover a conventional source of fuel, everyone wants to be famous. The New York times states that the Narcissistic Personality Inventory, maintains that today's young people ' schooled in the church of self-esteem, vying for spots on reality television, promoting themselves on YouTube ' are more narcissistic than their predecessors. In short terms today's generation is obsessed with celebrities and big movie stars. This generation has been taught to be narcissists from the moment they took their first step into their kindergarten. They been taught that if you are beautiful you can do anything you like and get your way into the media. Although Gen Me is more narcissist than ever they are now the most stressed out generation ever.
Generation Me teenagers are more stressed than ever. Today teenagers are stressed by peer pressure, the competition in grades is greater than ever before, and the society has made the new generation more narcissist than ever before. The Medical Research council found that nearly one in four 15-year-olds are thought to suffer from anxiety disorders, sleeplessness and forms of depression. (Alyssa Cohen 'Young people more stressed than ever'). Today's teenagers are more stressed than ever because the competition is getting harder and harder and every time you have try harder at everything because competition is greater and greater every time. Some teenagers start preparing for the dreadful SATs or the ACT at the age of 14, which gives them around three to four years of miserable stress.
Every generation is set by a standard or a norm. Today's young American are more confident, assertive, entitle-and more miserable than ever. Competition for everything has increased and everyone has to be better are what they do or if not they will be replace by somebody else in the world that can do it better than they can. Generation Me is looking for equality and to be unique, to be oneself and not care about what somebody else thinks but then why are we more stressed than ever to look like the person the media tells us we should look like?
Generation Me is a very interesting book to read and very fun. It gives very neat facts away and tells some unique differences about generations. She puts her argument very well and proofs her point across with a serious of researches and data. I enjoyed reading it but the book is a little bit repetitive. Overall the book was very entertaining and very 'unique'.

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