Blink By Malcolm Gladwell

February 9, 2009
By Jennifer Goebel BRONZE, Plano, Texas
Jennifer Goebel BRONZE, Plano, Texas
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Blink is a nonfiction novel written for all generations. It provides easily relatable examples throughout the book, ground-breaking ideas, and shows how people think without thinking.
Gladwell illustrates to the reader several ways that humans make judgments, decisions, and observations subconsciously. People are unaware of the fact that they make an inference just from the information that their subconscious gathers in a few seconds. As a reader, you start wondering several things about yourself, for example, if the tall dark and handsome guys that you think you're attracted to are what you actually want.
With some of the studies Gladwell referred to, they were able to tell whose marriages were going to last, the quality of a teacher, and the quality of a doctor with just a couple of minutes of observations, sometimes even seconds!
A common theme in Blink is the word blink, which constantly reminds the reader of the judgment formed from the blink of an eye. Gladwell starts out with one example and uses each chapter to slowly build on top of that with more examples to further explain the subconscious thinking process. Each chapter, he recaps everything that he talked about in previous chapters, tying it all together for the reader. This creates a very nice flow which helps the reader to better understand the subject matter.
This innovative novel really captures your attention, and will make you think. You can be sure that this book will provide you with many new ideas on the perceptions of the way our minds work.

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