Traffic-Why We Drive The Way We Do

February 9, 2009
By Anonymous

Traffic is something we observe and live in everyday. Yet we feel oblivious about it. You might recall yourself feeling frustrated at some drivers or even the finger to them sometimes. But you certainly have never thought about why you feel such ways.

Tom Vanderbilt did an exceptional job on analyzing the psychological values in the traffic. Anything from changing lanes to the way we park our cars, he explains how our brain perceives and initiates those actions. Any driver can find out more about themselves after reading this book. Personally I can relate to almost everything in the book, so next time when I'm changing lane, I will know that it won't decrease my travel time to another destination.

The book is also interesting that contained many surveys and researches. Vanderbilt didn't write the book straight off the top of his head. Every point he makes is backed up by his own research or someone else's. Although the book can seem a little bit frantic, it is well organized within each chapter.

Reading is an awesome habit. And reading this book is a good way to explore the way humans' brains work. Overall it is a relaxing and easy read, but you can gain knowledge about yourself and the traffic at the same time.

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