Mother Warriors by Jenny McCarthy

February 9, 2009

Jenny McCarthy's novel, Mother Warriors, is an eye-opening, informative, and heart-wrenching book that not only describes Jenny's journey of fighting her son's Autism, but also describes the journey of many other mothers struggling through the Autistic war. Through her experiences and her findings, Jenny McCarthy has the reader crying, laughing, and on his or her toes throughout all thirty chapters.

The novel is separated into two sections; the first one presenting the reader with Jenny's story of her son, Evan. Jenny explains detail by detail the discovery of Evan's Autism, how it affected him, and how it affected her. Jenny considers herself the first 'Mother Warrior' because she chose to fight out against her son's disorder. Her acceptance and ongoing determination led her on a recovery path (not cure) for her son's Autism.

Jenny's main purpose in publishing Mother Warriors was to show the mothers of Autistic children that they are not alone. She wanted to show the mothers of Autistic children that vaccines can trigger Autism. She wanted to show the mothers of Autistic children that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. She wanted to show the mothers of Autistic children that it is okay to believe in miracles. In the second section of her novel, Jenny does this by sharing the stories of many other mothers who are fighting to 'bring their children back' from Autism. These stories not only accomplish that, but they also provide the mothers with hope that their child can recover, evidence, despite what the pediatricians say, that it is possible to recover, and information to help their child recover. Jenny McCarthy believes that all 'Mother Warriors' deserve to be honored and remembered, and that is why she mentions them in her book.

According to Jenny McCarthy, a 'Mother Warrior' is a mother who refuses to back down. Instead of giving up on what most people think is worthless, a 'Mother Warrior' fights for her child, regardless of what others think. Mother Warriors gives parents around the world the information, the push, and the hope they need to help fight their children's Autism.

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