Fast Food Nation

February 8, 2009
By Anonymous

Fast Food Nation: the Dark Side of the All- American Meal has widened my eyes to the ghastly and atrocious reality of the fast food industry. Eric Schlosser's in depth reporting has given me a whole new perspective on fast food. Not only does Eric reveal the horrors behind the slaughtering of cows and the questionability of the processed meat; but he goes into much detail about the treatment of the worker's in the fast food industry, and the devastating effects the industry has caused on our nation. Eric's in depth analysis starts off with the birth of fast food, starting in the west and simultaneously moving across the country. He reveals how the market booming initially started with the franchising of small food chains like McDonalds, Carl Jr's and Burger King, and how they have now taken control of the corporate world of the fast food industry. This book's gory details at first seem terrifying but in the end are most intriguing, Eric reports on the truth behind what really makes those little chicken Mc Nuggets seem so tasty and why those burgers smell so delicious while visiting the flavoring labs in New Jersey. He also exposes the truth behind the treatment of workers in meat processing plants, and all the things that we don't see while taking a bite out of our juicy hamburgers. For instance, how the animal was killed, what really goes into the meat (e.g. feces, a worker's arm, a plentiful amount of E. coli O157:H7), how the worker's who kill, cut, and pack the meat you eat are treated and the dangerousness of their jobs?' Eric Schlosser is beyond a doubt a muckraker, an Upton Sinclair of our time. His horrifying yet insightful truth gives a new viewpoint of the fast food industry. More than just how that burger and fries got from the tray to your mouth. He truly reveals the fast food industry as what it accurately is, an imperialist corporation that spreads obesity, uses children as targets of advertising, devastatingly tortures worker's health and ways of life, and finally how we are going to look at fast food from now on. I enjoyed reading this book very much, although I may never look at a McDonald's cheeseburger the same way again, or for that matter any fast food burger, I still loved how Eric Schlosser incorporated his insightful nature with his personal experiences in the fast food production. Therefore, I recommend anyone and everyone to read this novel and get a new wave of insight on the realities that just lay behind this growing and profitable fast food industry.

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