Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser

February 8, 2009
By Anonymous

Have you ever wondered about all that fast food that you eat? If you have, then Fast Food Nation is the book for you. This book is mind-blowing and entertaining and even if you've never eaten fast food in your life, this book should be read. Eric Schlosser calls it 'the dark side of the all-American meal'. In truth it is the 'dark side' it goes behind the counters of all fast food restaurants to let America really know how their food gets from the animals and into their bags.

Although I can't say I enjoy reading as much as I used to, this was definitely a good book that I couldn't put down because I wanted to learn more. Schlosser addresses all aspects of where the food has been: from the plants all the way to the workers in the fast food restaurants.

The book starts off telling the reader all the trials and tribulations the original owners of the fast food franchises went through to get where they are today. Like most first time owners, they had their ups and downs, but have managed to build an empire out of their restaurants today. The success of these restaurants is mainly due in part to targeting marketing at kids.

This book dives into the harsh goings-on of the factory workers and the horrible accidents in the factories themselves. It also describes the farmer suicides due to the outsourcing of the labor that was once done completely on the farms. Eric Schlosser shows the greediness of the big corporations by telling heart-jerking stories of many people losing their jobs and even their lives.

In this book Schlosser give the reader an insight into the 'behind the scenes' of the fast-food-world. The gruesome realities and the disgusting work that goes into fast food today are exposed in this page-turning documentary. After reading, you will never be able to look at an order of hamburgers and fries the same way.

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