The Tale of Despereaux

January 30, 2009
By Anonymous

The Tale of Despereaux

For a school project, my friend and I had to read a book and then watch the movie on it. We chose to read the Tale of Despereaux; personally, I thought it was an okay book. The book was dark and sinister at times while others; it was all happy go lucky and 'I love you' sort of thing. It was about a mouse that had fallen in love with a princess and broke the most sacred mouse rule ever, talking to a human. Since he had broken the rule he was sent to the dungeon.

At this point in to the book it switches to the story of a rat that loves light. When the rat first saw light he wanted more so he came out of the dungeon of the castle to find more. He ended up in a banqueting room where a dinner party was being thrown. He climbed up onto the chandelier and accidentally fell into the queen's soup. When he did this, the queen had a heart attack and died. The princess gave the rat such a look that it had broken his tiny, little; black heart and he swore revenge on her.

Then it switches to Miggery Sow. She is a little girl that was sold to someone for a hen, a red cloth, and a pack of cigarettes. When she is around seven, she sees a princess and wishes that that were she. She is then taken to the castle and becomes a servant. Then she meets the rat. DUN DUN DAH!!

I will not tell you any more about the book or movie other than the movie was really crappy compared to the book.

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