Feed by M.T. Anderson

January 19, 2009
By Jamie Geer SILVER, Warrenville, Illinois
Jamie Geer SILVER, Warrenville, Illinois
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Imagine: Acomputer chip that is implanted in over thwo thirds of the American population's brains... a chip that brings everthing from television to Internet to telephones closer than a person's fingertips... a chip where your thoughts are it's command. Amazing isn't it? Anything you want, if you just think about it, it is given to you. A chip called "Feed." Children no longer go to school to learn about Math of English - they don't have to. Instead they go to learn how to better use the Feed. This is the Ameerica that high school boy, Titus, grew up in.

Titus was your average, every day American guy. He, like everyone else he knew, geuts everything he needs off Feed, from merchandise to the latest trends and styles. He never once questioned the mysterious lesions that everyone now seems to be getting these days. Or the fact that everyone is losing the ability to read or write.

That is, not until he met a girl named Violet on a spring bread vacation with some friends to the moon. Violet opens Titus's eyes to the falling apart world that they live in. The book, "Feed", by M.T. Anderson, is the story of a girl who challenges the world that Titus grew to know. She is a girl who wants to make a difference.

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