Ravens Gate

January 15, 2009
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My hearts racing along with Matt as he goes through his exhilarating journey. It all starts when Matt gets in trouble for a crime he really did not commit, is this fair or was it Destiny? That was a question I asked myself while reading the book. Matt had to choices he could go live on a farm A.K.A the L.E.A.F. Project, or jail. He chose the L.E.A.F. Project and I think that was the biggest mistake of his life.
When Matt arrives at the farm he realizes he is different. He has powers and he can see the future. Whenever Matt gets the urge of “power” he can small burnt toast. This is because the day his parents got in the tragic car accident he saw! And the smell of burnt toast from the morning gives him the warning of the power. After weeks of working for Mrs. Dervill on the farm she locks him in the barn and things get worse by the second. Whenever Matt would try to escape the forest path would always lead back to the farm until he met Frank. He found a nuclear power plant and Frank was there waiting. He received a necklace that had a stone so he could go through the forest without getting lost.
The next day Matt went to the next town over Lesser Milling and found a journalist named Richard, he tells about what is going on the farm and Mrs. Dervill. He laughs and soon realizes it was not a joke. On the way home Matt stops at Richards (who knows about the old ones, people who want to use him as a sacrifice) when he arrives Frank is nowhere to be found. He runs through the house and finds blood leading to the bedroom, he finds him dead! Scared Matt runs to the telephone and calls 911, when they arrive the body is gone and he is imprisoned at the farm house. Through the rest of the book it is jammed pack, science, and anything else that can fit between them. So if you decide to pick up this fascinating book it is only book one of four.

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