Skellig B

January 7, 2009
By Joey Caucino, Sea Girt, NJ

This book was a fantastic read. It really stood out for it to be for kids my age. This book written by David Almond it takes place in a small town in England in a shabby looking house on Falconer Road. This story teaches you a good lesson that is important to life. The idea is a boy moving to a new town and having weird and unusual things happen to him.

The theme of this story is never to lose hope. In the novel Michael finds this new being he calls Skellig. Skellig has lost all of his hope. He has sat in a underground storage place for a ridiculous amount of time. He can barely move his body, it is very hard for him to breath, and all sorts of things are wrong with him. He is grumpy and asks Michael to bring him things and to leave him alone. But Michael never gives up on Skellig and eventually returns him to his own self which is actually an angel. His friend Mina also helps him with his task. What is the ironic thing is that throughout the entire story Michael’s new little sister Joy is sick. But no one loses hope either. All of the family and friends believe in her and love her. She kept on fighting till she was all better. The characters of the story are Michael who is the main character and also the narrator. He is the one that helps Skellig. Mina is Roy’s newest and probably best friend. Although she is younger and a girl her and Michael have a great bond. She also helps saving Skellig. Skellig is the creature that Michael finds that turns out to be an angel. He is grumpy at first but then the two kids save him and make him better. Michael’s dad lets Michael skip school a lot to help around the house. He is a laidback kind of guy probably to cover his worry of the baby. Joy is the baby and Michael’s little sister. She is sick and has some problems but she fights through them. Michael also cares a lot about her and checks on her often at night. Michael’s mom has a lot of anxiety over the baby and can’t deal with anything else. Two other characters that are not as important are Dr. Dan a.k.a. Dr Death to Michael is the baby’s doctor and Mina’s mother.

The genre of Skellig is definitely mysterious and adventurous. The book is a little bit adventurous because they have to sneak out and around a little. It is really mysterious though. At the end of every chapter it left you questioning what just happened or what does that mean? You are amazed at what the new creature is and how mean he his.

I liked the writing style of this book a lot. I rather like how short the chapters are. They range from only two to four pages. I like this because it makes it a lot easier to read so there are not as many slow parts. And I like having many questions at the end of each chapter. It makes me keep reading so I can learn the answer to my question. What I didn’t like about the writing is nat the beginning was so slow. There was nothing happening at all. But I enjoyed the happy ending at the end.

David Almond was born on May 15 1951. Once he visited his uncles printing press which inspired him into writing. Once out of college he started writing books. He finally came up with Kit’s Wilderness, Fire Eater, and of course Skellig.

This book was one of my favorites. This was only one of the few mystery stories I have ever read and it was perfect. I recommend this to children between the ages of 12 to 16. If you do not like weird stories with a lot of twists. But if you would like to try something new this is the perfect book for it.

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