Cirque Du Freak by Darren Shan

January 2, 2009
By Fiona Mc Donnell BRONZE, Limerick, Other
Fiona Mc Donnell BRONZE, Limerick, Other
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Cirque du Freak by Darren Shan is a vivid portrayal of the life of a young teenage boy whom an extraordinary but unwanted thing event changes his life for the worse!

Darren Shan is just an ordinary schoolboy with an extremely unusual fascination for spiders. The book starts with the intriguing fact that the story begins in a…Toilet! This adds a sense of humor to the story.

When Darren and his best friend; Steve, gets the chance to go to the Cirque Du Freak (Circus of Freaks) they jump at the chance, not knowing the dangers they will later face! They come face-to-face with a deadly spider and his unusual owner.

When Darren steals Madam Octa; the deadly spider, it bites Steve. Darren knows there is only one person, who can save Steve, but that person isn't even human and he is extremely dangerous and deadly! Also he only deals in … BLOOD!

If Darren wants to save Steve, he has to give up his human life and join this mysterious creature! What will he do? Does he choose to save his life or Steve's life?

The book has a well worked-out plot full of intricacies and surprises. It is superbly written and economical with its use of language. It is an eerie and insidious story, whose secrets are slowly revealed along with some intriguing questions!

Cirque Du Freak is a real page-turner, a novel that keeps the reader interested to the final unexpected twist. A thriller that keeps readers in a state of high tension from beginning to end! A must for all lovers or thrillers and adventures!

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