A Child Called It

December 17, 2008
What happened to Dave Pelzer when he was a kid is horrifying. It's all because his parents had a drinking problem and he was just starting first grade and he was probably nervous about starting school but him getting abused by his mom probably wasn't helping his situation. I'm just surprised that his dad didn't try to stop his mom, or that no one tried to stop her. But just the fact that she almost beat him to death just makes me sick to my stomach. Why would someone treat their kids like that? It is just bad parenting and inhumane. How could someone do that day after day? If I knew I would have called the cops and got her arrested. I think she honestly deserves it.

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iloveyou143 said...
Nov. 13, 2011 at 10:03 pm
I absolutely agree! I think it was horrible what she did to him while i was reading that book. No one should ever treat their child like that...
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