December 17, 2008
By Alexey Vermeulen, Dexter, MI

As eragon flies through the barren land now littered with dead bodies. Dogging buildings his dragon shpria is almost about to fall from her wounds but eargon thinks quick and gets on her tail he counts down. “Three two one” and with almost all of the strength she has left the dragon throws him into the air he pulls his sword out and stabs the shade directly in the heart. As he hurtles toward earth his dragon catches him and they both fall heavily. Is sphira ok? This book is by Christopher paolini and is very high atop my list of good books.

The book is all about the fact that dragon riders have been lost from the face of the earth until word comes to people that the dragon riders have risen again. A farm boy named eargon finds a blue shining rock while hunting. It ends up breaking open and becoming a dragon he learns fast and within the next two months him and his dragon, which he named sphira. Their bond becomes strong and near the end of the book the fight a shade. Eargons knowledge greatly increases, as one day he is just a farm boy the next he is a hero. What will be their fate? Only time will tell.

I like the way that Christopher paolini writes because of the fact that he is so very descriptive in everything that he writes. I can feel like I am in the book at all times even in the beginning, when usually in most books the beginning is slow. This author gets right into the book and the action where every reader wants to be. He knows exactly when to tell you what you are waiting to hear so that you are anxious but you don’t get bored. Mr. Paolini sets all of his books in some of the most amazing places with these beautiful trees and water falls. Mr. paolini also has a really cool Idea that eargon and his dragon talk to each other through their thoughts both of these are very good qualities to have when writing a book.

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