December 12, 2008
By Peter Koe, Portland, OR

Peak is an amazing book that will keep you on your toes the entire time. Peak Marcello is a young boy looking for excitement in New York. Unfortunately he is into rock climbing. So a he decides to climb big tall things in New York, which wasn’t too hard because of all the skyscrapers. Peak ends up in a police station and is eventually deported for 4 years to Tibet. In Tibet he meets up with his father and Sunjo a young Tibetan boy. The three of them head to Everest and on the way run into some problems once they get there Sunjo and Peak develop a very strong friend ship that is tested many times buy the harsh mountain Everest.

The book Peek is an amazing book that I think everybody should read. Roland Smith does an excellent job of making Peeks fictional character come to life with his creative writing style and amazing sensory detail. I will remember this book for the rest of my life, because while reading it I realized how important the bonds of friend ship are.
Also I think that this book is a very realistic book for all ages, climbers and people that just like to read.

I can honestly say this is one of the best books I have ever read and its also the fastest book I have ever read, because I read it in a single day and it is an extremely fast paced book. This book in my eyes is a five star book for pace, writing, theme, characters and setting. All of these traits make a book good and I think that as an author Roland Smith did a fabulous job. I hope who ever you are you read this book as soon as you can.

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