December 8, 2008
Man Tangerine what an excellent book to read on a regular day. Speaking of this book I have just read it. It was a very heart fed book with many twist and turns and surprises. I think it was probably the best book that I have read since Eragon. This book review will explain this book with out given away the ending.
Tangerine takes place in Tangerine, Florida when the main character Paul Fisher dad has to move to Tangerine for his job. There Paul starts to remember what happened their so many years ago to get those big bug eyed glasses. There he learns about all the strange things that have been happening in the county. Like how the lightning only strikes in one place everyday and how there is always a bunch of muck fires. Soon when Paul starts playing for his middle school soccer team he starts learning about the secret of tangerine. Plus he starts remembering what happened to his eyes and how he became partially blind.
The theme of this book is to always find your identity and never give up no matter what the odds are like. This is a great book for young to adolences readers plus young adults. If you want fun and excitement then I would have to say to read this book.

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