The Contender

December 6, 2008
“Nothing is promised to you.” That's the point that The Contender is trying to make. I find that very true. You can easily find several examples of that in your everyday life. Each time it's quoted, I realize that it's even truer than the time before.

Alfred is a boy that grows up in Harlem, New York during times of segregation. In the beginning of The Contender, he isn't that tough, so he gets picked on a lot. To prove a point, Alfred got so beat up once that he couldn't move himself! After that experience, he walked the streets scared. His life changed completely when his friend, Henry, told him about Mr. Donatelli and his gym. Mr. Donatelli, along with Henry, both trained Alfred to box and be fit. Alfred realizes who he is and who he wants to be in life through boxing. He learns what it means to help and be someone that doesn't just watch from the sidelines. Becoming a boxer opens up new doors while Alfred stands up to the bullies and learns life lessons.

The Contender is easy to follow and helps boost the readers' confidence. When I read this book, it inspired me to get up and be active. It also put thoughts into my head of what kind of a person I want to become. I really enjoyed following Alfred through all his adventures, and many other kids do too! This book showed me the dangers of drugs, how to eat healthy, and much more. I highly recommend it!

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