November 25, 2008
By lena morgan, Bethel, AK

I love this book because it is an adventurous, vampire book. In its hand-gluing pages you will learn to love these blood-sucking creatures of the night. I enjoyed this book because it was filled with wonders and love of two who thought they could not be.

This book Twilight is about the casual girl who meets these wonderful mysterious “people”. Bella, the main character is going to be surprised by what she find out. In the book, Isabella or Bella moves to a small town, Forks. In this town she lives with her dad and meets the Cullens. Edward Cullen is the most beautiful creature she has ever met. They start becoming more than friends and soon she finds out he's a vampire, now she's in danger. What will happen?

I recommend this book to all and everyone who loves or is obsessed with vampires and adventure. I assure you will love it.

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