Avalon High by Meg Cabot

November 25, 2008
Like every other Meg Cabot novel out there, Avalon High centers around a typical teenage girl in a not-so-typical situation. I was very hesitant about the book because I thought it would be the predictable, cliché high school drama novel. Instead, I found myself having a hard time putting it down. I devoured the book’s plot.

Elaine Harrison, or Ellie, has a chance to start fresh in her new high school; at least that’s what her best friend thinks. Ellie’s parents are medieval scientists and she is absolutely devastated about the move. The only thing, or person, Ellie looks forward to is the cute guy she meets at the park. That cute guy turns out to be senior class president, star quarterback, and taken by the hottest girl at school… of course. But what seems to be a normal high school story is actually a strange, magical, and historic retelling of one of the most famous legends of all time, King Arthur.

I totally recommend this book to girls who are looking for fantasy, drama, romance and a side dish full of fun history. It will have you laughing, hoping, and on the edge of your chair to find out what happens next!

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