The Choice

November 17, 2008
By Matt taylor, Prosser, WA

Set in modern day Beaufort, North Carolina the choice tells a story of a man and a woman coming together. The man Travis parker struggles with his emotions with and without his family/friends. Travis lives alone with his dog named Moby. His job currently is being a vet. When Travis get together with his neighbor gabby it leads down a long path of confusion. Gabby’s dog has stomach pains during her pregnancy and Travis is there to help them out. All this occurs in the summer through fall of nineteen ninety four in Beaufort, North Carolina.

In the choice Nickolas sparks used the theme of regret and to lead the character down the wrong path. Gabby feels and worries about some of the choices she will make later in life. In fact gabby admits her regret and it mainly comes from Travis: “Do you want to come with me”? Travis said. “On your motorcycle”? Said gabby. “I want to show you something and I promise that it will be fun” replied Travis. “Ill even bring lunch”. “I really don’t think that that’s a good idea” she said. Gabby admits that she will regret going with Travis on this crazy adventure on his motorcycle.

Nickolas sparks used realistic detail and emotion to keeps the readers reading then wondering what will happen next. Each chapter leads up to the final occurrence between Travis and Gabby. Then all unanswered questions will be answered. This book is recommended to all teens 14 years old and up because of all the detail they will definitely get lost. Nickolas sparks uses outstanding descriptions and gets the reader thinking. The starting of the choice is really dull because the author introduces the characters. The overall book is really good though. The choice compares to another book by Nickolas sparks called the wedding. Both books talk about love between two different characters. They are both written in similar form of style.

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