The First Part Last by Angela Johnson

November 13, 2008
Usually what happens is a young girl gets pregnant and raises the child on her own, with the father running around or just gone that's what we are used to and that's how it usually is. But, in this story The First Part Last, the situation is the exact opposite. Bobby is a normal teenage boy except for the fact that he has a young new daughter named Feather, who he is left to raise on his own.

In this book there are two aspects of the story, “now” and “then”, “Now” portraying how Bobby is dealing with his daughter and his hectic life, and “Then”, flashing back to portray his girlfriend Nia's pregnancy.

This novel shows the ups and downs of being a teen parent. Its shows how Bobby has to deal with baby-sitters, dirty diapers, long drives, a restless baby, and staying up all night. He also narrates about how much he loves his daughter, how happy she makes him and how much she reminds him of her mother, Nia.

Although most of this novel is about him and his daughter there is a bad side to it, it's the fact that Nia has a bad fate, the reason that Bobby is alone. That fate leaves Bobby alone and helpless to look for help from his neighbor who had babysat him not so long ago.

Altogether, I believe that this book is a rare and touching novel about things that not only have a very interesting and compelling theme, but also shows a very realtie situation that many people we know are in right now.

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pretty said...
Apr. 27, 2009 at 12:05 am
I love this book so much.This is the first book i like to read in my life
flava flav said...
Dec. 9, 2008 at 6:08 pm
dirtnasty, best thing i ever read!
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