Avalon High

November 3, 2008
By Elizabeth Richards, Portland, OR

Avalon High is an enchanting and mythical tale following a girl named Ellie. Ellie is a shy, brave girl with long brown hair.
Ellie moves away from her hometown of Minnesota, because her father takes a leave of his teaching position. Her family moves to Maryland and she feels a little intimidated by her new city of Annapolis. At her new house, she has a pool that she likes to tend to. She has saved rats, bugs and even a snake, something her parents would be too afraid to do. Ellie's parents are both professors that study and write about the medieval time period.
Ellie ventures to her new school, Avalon High. To her, it seems to be normal, but is it? At Avalon High, Ellie seems to have some pretty average classmates. Jen, is the pretty, girly, blonde cheerleader who is Will and Lance's girlfriend. Will, the quarterback however is unaware that Jen is cheating on him, with his best friend Lance, the sporty football star. Lance knows that Will and Jen are dating but doesn't care because he likes her so much. And then there is Marco, Will's stepbrother, the troublemaker who gets kicked out of school. Ellie Harrison tells the story. She is in high school and meets a tall bright blue-eyed boy named Will Wagner, the quarterback for the football team, senior class president, and the smartest kid in the class. Why does Ellie feel like she's known Will from the first moment she saw him?
This book is an intertwined tale of love and myth involving a group of what seems to be pretty much normal teenagers… but is they? This is a present day story that may follow a medieval legend. Could one of her friends, or her love, have a secret? Do the kids of Avalon High have a mysterious past?

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