October Sky

November 3, 2008
October Sky,a novel by Homer Hickam,was amazing both as a film and a novel.however,the novel was the better of ther two.It was more descriptive and had a more interesting view of the story.The film would have been better if it included the scene when RoyLee and Sonny Race down the mountain to the dug-out.

The scene would add a special difference to the film.It would also show what some teenagers from Coalwood do before going to the dug-out on Saturday night.Most of the scenes in the film are about either rockets or the coal-mine,this scene would show something differnet.

If I would direct this film,I would put this scene in it.I would first add Roy Lee and Sonny racing to the dug-out.Then I would put this scene in right before Sonny walks into the dug-out.The song on the radio in both cars would be"Burn Baby Burn,"because that's what I think of when I see racing.The only lighting there would be is the light of the moon and the light off the headlights of the cars.

I would do some camera angles,like some from inside both cars.Then another few shots from kind of off theside of the mountain.After I would get a shot running in front of both the cars.Finally i would get a shot of the person who gets to the dug-out first.

The movie would be better if the racing scene were in it.Because it would add something different to the film.It would also make the film more inertesting.

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