Stranger with my face

October 29, 2008
“Stranger With My Face” is a great book that I picked up in my English class. When I started reading it I thought it was going to be a cheap horror story, like the ones you buy for a dollar at yard sales or used book stores. I was proven wrong.
The skeleton (speaking metaphorically) of this story is very cliché, and has been used in what I imagine would be, hundreds of thousands of books, and a couple of some-what successful Disney Movies. To explain in a nutshell, this story begins with identical twin girls, who were separated at birth and adopted by other families. The girls meet for the first time, using their supernatural abilities, which at some point they never knew existed. “Stranger with my face “ may follow that cheesy story line, but when reading the book all the little detail make the book very unique.
The author begins the story with seventeen- year- old Laurie Stratton, who, over the summer has scored with the most popular guy at her High School, Gordon Ahearn. After, finally, making it into a popular group, Laurie finds herself being invited to parties and going out with Gordon and his friends. Laurie was invited to the last party of the summer, but, to her disappointment, had to stay home on the last day of summer and puke her brains out; she had gotten the twenty-four hour sickness. She called Gordon’s home and left a message with his Mother telling him that she would not be able to go to the most important party of the summer with him. The next morning, Laurie woke up, feeling fine, and was ready to see her friends and boyfriend on the first day of their senior year. When she saw Gordon, he was with his friend Natalie, when she approached him he told her that he had saw her out on the beach alone, waiting for someone, while he was out on the balcony kissing Natalie. The day was turned into a small disaster, and to add to it Laurie has the suspicion that she’s being watched.
After coming home, doing homework and eating dinner with her family, Laurie went upstairs to her bedroom to get ready for bed. She climbed into bed and switching on her bedside light, and quickly, she looked at her reflection in the glare off her window. She stared at herself and wondered why Gordon was attracted to her and why she looked so much different from the rest of her family. After, turning off her bedside light, and closing her eyes, Laurie realized that her reflection had smiled at her, but she did not remember smiling herself. Someone, some stranger with her face, had smiled at her.
This book, although the cover may be strange and the title a little cheesy, along with the storyline, is defiantly a book worth reading. I highly recommend it.

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Kali_Gee said...
Feb. 13, 2009 at 4:32 pm
Ive read this book too. Im a huge fan. I love all of Loid Duncans books so far. You expect so much and you get the pleasure you want when you read them. I would like to read "Who killed my Daughter" by Lois Duncan, but im still working on "Ransom". Its very good so far. "Stranger with my Face" had me hooked from the forst two pages. Not knowing why everyone is seeing you places you havent been... Its crazy. Very dramatic and mysterious.
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