Lilly B. on the brink of cool

October 6, 2008
This is an amazing book that shows a great connection between Lily and a real teenage girl. This story really shows the ups and the downs of trying to fit in or be cool. Elizabeth Kimmel does wonders in her writing. The whole time I was reading it I felt like I was Lilly trying to find my place among the popular kids.

For girls between 10 and 15 this is the perfect book. It’s about a young girl who thinks her life is boring. Then she meets the Lebrance family. Lilly does everything they do because they appear to be very interesting. This sneaky family tricks Lilly into spending a lot of money on them.
Some may think this story sounds predictable. But toward the middle things really turn in a different direction. Eventually the pieces of the puzzle about the Lebrance family get put back together.

If you don’t choose this book you will never know what you’re missing. You don’t want to pass up such a great piece of literature.

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