October 6, 2008
By Jordan Goldberg, Chesterfield, MO


Poseur is drama-filled book about girls just like you! From school to fashion to boys, Rachel Mauden does a great job presenting these ideas in her new book. If you like a humorous, exciting, suspenseful page-turner, I suggest reading this book.

Janie, Melissa, Charlotte, and Petra all go to the same school, but are totally different. However, they have to put their differences aside in order to work on a fashion label called the Trend Set. For their premiere party, the four girls have to wear each other's designs, but they are scared because they each have different tastes and styles. Not everything turns out as they had hoped, but in the end the girls are surprised by how much they learn from each other.

I really enjoyed reading Poseur becau se it was exciting and surprising to find out what each girl's next action would be. I think almost everyone can connect with the message of the book, that it is okay to be different, and despite those difference, anything is possible. I suggest this book for young teens who want a hilarious story about girls just trying to get through high school. I cannot wait to read the next book written by Rachel Mauden!

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