Small Steps

October 6, 2008
By Ben Fagin, Chesterfield, MO

Small steps is a journey of having a second chance to do things right. This book is a heart pounder which builds so much suspense you will not want to put the book down for anything. Small Steps is a mind-twisting adventure which leads up to building a better life. I think you need to pick yourself up and head to the nearest library because this is one book you will not be able to resist.
Armpit is high-schooler, who has had a bad past. Only one person in Armpits life trusts him. Not his parents, not his teachers, but only Armpits disabled neighbor Ginny, belives in him. Armpit and Ginny have a brother sister relastionship, even know the two couldn't be any different. Armpit and Ginny have a world-wind adventure in the book Small Steps which all leads up to a shocking ending.
I highly recommend the story Small Steps. This is a book for anyone who likes adventure and surprises. Once you get started on the book Small Steps you will never want to put it down ever again, I guarantee it.

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