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Into Thin Air

By , Reno, NV
In Jon Krakauer’s book Into Thin Air he tells a story of the deadly 1996 accent of Mt. Everest where 15 people died. It is a well written interesting book. It always kept you in it and wanting more.
Jon Krakauer’s assignment is to write about the growing commercialism of Mt. Everest for Outside Magazine. Krakauer, an already accomplished climber, goes to the Himalayas as a client of Rob hall, a much respected high altitude climber. Through out the trip there are many things that go wrong, the massive storm that hit that trapped many of the great guides , to many teams summiting on the wrong day, getting up to the summit to late, and to many people on Mt. Everest. Spoiler alert: In the end Krakauer’s guide, Rob hall , does not make it through the storm.
This is a great novel because it is very heart felt. Krakauer puts a lot of heart and soul into the book. As you really start too great in to the novel you learn more about the characters and start to feel for the ones that are having tougher times. Krakauer really knows how to bring you in and make you really feel the book.
Krakauer is a great writer, he uses really descriptive language to paint a picture in your head. He also uses great words to really show the setting and what is happening. The mood coming from all the characters is very determined, in the fact that they are determined to make it through the trip alive. In the book there are very many different conflicts. One for example is Man vs. Nature, the whole book is about the different teams trying to make it up the mountain and battling against nature to make it back down alive.
In all I thought that Into Thin Air was a great book and that Jon Krakauer did a great job. There were so dull parts, especially in the beginning of the book but about half way through it really picked up then it got really interesting and I started getting into it. Since the beginning was boring and did not have much to it I would not have read past the first couple of chapters. I would recommend this book to most people, you just have to make it through the first chapters.

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