A Million Little Pieces

September 30, 2008
By jake demont, Colorado Springs, CO

“A Million Little Pieces” is one of the best books I have ever read. It delves deep into James Frey's life and his struggle with drugs. Every little aspect and detail that the book gives propels the reader to continue with the book. The way (James Frey) describes and goes about his issues, makes you feel almost as if you were right next to him and saw what happened first hand.

James Frey was a young man in his mid 20's, struggling with drugs. The book starts out with James on a plane, not knowing how he got there, on the verge of death due to all the drugs that he has used since the age on nine. The book shows great insight on his personality- what he thinks and how he feels on the issues that he has to contend with for the next couple years of his life.

The book shows, like I have said, the struggles and how he will progress through them. The main issue in James Frey's life is the relentless addiction to the variety of drugs that he has done and how they will kill him if he does them anymore, such as marijuana, crack, meth, and mushrooms. Also along with the many other issues that he has, he thinks that he does not deserve to live and is contemplating whether to live or just die, because he can't handle the stress and pressure anymore.

I would recommend this book to teens and up due to the language and drug use in the book. It shows the life of a man, (like many other people in the world) dealing with the addiction to drugs. The author does a great job detailing what happens and what is said expressing thoughts and emotions in the book making you feel like you are there.
“Now I'm out of control!” This is a quote that I have drawn from the book, that I think represents James Frey very well. It show in a way the difficulties and hardships that he went through and how he reacts when he is not on drugs. All in all this is a great book and would diffidently recommend it to the upper age limits. I would gladly read this book again for fun or simply to have a better understand of the book.

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