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Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld

September 25, 2008
By Sarah Voigt, Vienna, VA

Have you ever wondered how your life would be if you decided to go to boarding school? Prep, a delightful novel follows high school student Lee Fiora through her four years at the prestigious Ault Academy in Massachusetts. She starts out as a shy girl, who doesn't seem to fit in with the other students. She goes through a lot of trial and error with making friends, and always tries to fit in, but often fails. At one point in the book she says, “There are people we treat wrong, and later, we're prepared to treat other people right.”

Through her years at Ault, Lee meets many people that make a huge impact on her later in life. There's Martha, who was Lee's roommate for the Junior and Senior years and ultimately turned out to be Lee's closest friend, Sin-Jun, who first met Lee freshman year, but became even closer once Lee found out the truth about who she really was inside, and Dede, Lee's first roommate who always tried to get into the “in” crowd, but lost some of her self identity along the way. There's also Cross Sugarman, who every liked, but would never find out about the relationship that he shared with Lee.

While living in Indiana, Lee was a straight “A” student because of her dedication and drive, which greatly helped her to get a scholarship to Ault, but the case wasn't so once she arrived at the school, where things took a took a turn for the worse. She never quite clicked with any of her teachers, fell behind on her school work, and lost her drive to succeed, causing her to become depressed, and unsocial. She also often became self conscious, causing her to grow even farther away from her family back home.

There are many things that you can learn from reading Prep, because the author, Curtis Sittenfeld, was able to use a unique and accurate perspective because of the years she spent at preparatory school. She was also able to create unique characters that always surprise you. A definitely suggest this book to anyone who loves a novel jam packed with humor and whose characters you won't be able to forget about.

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