The Golden Compass

September 24, 2008
The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman is an entrancing fantasy. Lyra, a little girl living at Jordan College, is very curious and always wants to go where she is not allowed. One day, she decided to go into the strictly “off-limits” Retirement Room. Lyra looks around the room when someone else comes in. She runs to the wardrobe to hide. A group of the teachers come in with her uncle Lord Asriel. That is when her adventure begins. Her uncle talks to the men about the Northern lights, the North and something about Dust. Lyra wants to find out more, and she soon gets a chance.
A woman named Ms. Coulter comes to take Lyra to her home. Before Lyra leaves, she finds out the Gobblers have taken her best friend Roger. Lyra soon learns that Ms. Coulter is the head of the General Oblation Board of the Gobblers. Lyra joins up with the Gyptians, a people who lives mostly on the water, to find her friend and to help all of the other children. Her Journey takes her to the frigid North, where she meets Iorek Byrnison, a polar bear. Lyra now must find a way to save her best friend and to help her uncle.

This book is full of twists that keep readers on the edge of their seat. Most will not want to put this book down once they pick it up. While this book can be a little bit confusing at times, and readers have to pay attention to details when reading this book, I would still recommend this book to anyone who adores fantasy. This is a book you will be hooked on!

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