Wish You Were Dead by Todd Strasser This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

June 10, 2013
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Popularity, a simple word, creates many tremors, tears, and tragedies at Soundview High. Among the queen bees and unpopular teens at this high school lurks a bitter plot for revenge. Wish You Were Dead is a novel that revolves around a plot in which three popular teenagers go missing and the search for them is on. In his novel, Todd Strasser creates a spellbinding story filled with twists and turns.

Madison Archer, our main character, is a wealthy and popular but amicable teenage girl. Though her clique includes some of the brattiest gossip-lovers, Madison is the one who treats everyone, even the loners, with respect. She is the one who never joins her friends in taunting or ridiculing others. As her best friends start to mysteriously disappear, Madison has to find some answers as the clock ticks away.

Madison’s closest friends are Lucy, Adam, and Courtney. These three are the leading trio of Soundview High and the most feared, hated, and admired teenagers in Soundview. They are the ones who wear leading fashion trends, who fight their way up on the popularity scale, and who cause jealousy and spite to stir up in others. Therefore, Lucy, Adam, and Courtney are the first to disappear. Before their disappearances, these three names had appeared in an anonymous blog. The blogger was someone who wished these three popular kids would go away or die. Soon, the blogger’s wish came true. Were the blogs and the names linked? Whose name will appear in the blog next?

Meanwhile, the vanishing of three wealthy kids throws the peaceful and safe town of Soundview into chaos, which is nothing compared to the turmoil that arises in Madison’s life. After the disappearances, Madison starts to face the terrible loss of her closest friends while battling the looming threat of being the next victim to vanish. Clues, possible suspects, and yet more questions lurk around Madison through her quest of finding the missing teenagers.

Wish You Were Dead is an inspiring and phenomenal thriller that teaches readers about the twisted path of their high-school journey. Strasser’s novel offers a riveting perspective of the typical teenage drama with an air of mystery.

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