The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder

February 22, 2013
How would you feel if from one day to the other your parents told you that you’re not their daughter? Amber’s life is about to change ,she’s moving with her “real” parents, imagen what it would be like to leave behind the people who took care of you for the first 15 years of your life .
This book was an amazing book ,it keeps your eyes glued to the book because it’s a sweet and heart-warming story, The day before Amber leaves with her new family she decides to spend a day at the beach…alone…not knowing that her life could possibly change …forever .Will that be the day that Amber remembers for the rest of her life?

Personally my favorite part was when Amber and Cade see each other for the first time because the author describes both Amber and Cades expressions and feelings.

Amber learns to appreciate those around her even though she thinks they are bad people, and even though she feels hate towards those people she finds out she was wrong and that those people were the ones who cared for her the most.

The Day Before is different from any book or movie that I have seen/read because instead of ending the book like “And they lived haply ever after” it leaves you wondering what happens next.

Lisa Schroeder has written books that come before The Day Before, but her books aren’t exactly a series but Lisa Schroeder brings in a character from the book before.
I recommend this book to all of those people who don’t believe that true love exists because this fabulous book could possibly change their minds. Personally I would rate this book 5 stars!

This heart-warming story will leave you wondering why life can be so cruel sometimes, but funny how life is only cruel with you when you’re happy...

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