Someone like You by Sarah Dessen

January 28, 2013
In Someone like You, by Sarah Dessen, Halley learned valuable lessons on how to handle different types of boyfriends and how to help her friend through an important phase in her life. At the beginning of the novel you learn that Halley’s best friend Scarlett’s boyfriend, Michael, has died in a tragic car accident. So as Scarlett’s world is turned upside down, Halley meets a boy named Macon. Macon’s not the typical guy Halley would be interested in. Halley’s quiet and plain and naïve whereas Macon is mysterious, boisterous, and a troublemaker. But somehow Halley seems to fall under his spell and they begin going out. Next, Halley and Scarlett are thrown for a loop again as Scarlett finds out she’s pregnant with her deceased boyfriend’s baby. Now it’s time to buckle down and get serious. As the pregnancy goes on – month one, month two, month three, month four – Halley tends to Scarlett’s every need while keeping up her secret relationship with Macon. Her parents don’t approve of his quick stops, late night phone calls, and mysterious meet-ups with Halley, so she must keep quiet as her parents continue getting more and more suspicious. Luckily, Scarlett befriends the new kid Cameron who begins hanging out with her 24/7. This leaves Halley free to do what she pleases with Macon. Then, one night, Macon tries pressuring Halley into doing something she doesn’t want to do, but Halley consciously decided to back out. Macon doesn’t appreciate her last minute change of mind though. So on their way home Macon’s anger rises to the point that he runs a red light, smashing into a car and placing Halley in the hospital with minor injuries. This is the end of their relationship. Right around the corner, though, is prom which Scarlett’s been waiting for all her life! Halley agrees to go with her dorky ex-boyfriend Noah involuntarily just to please Scarlett. Unfortunately, at prom Scarlett’s water breaks suddenly and she must be rushed to the hospital with both the shocked Cameron and the nervous – yet brave – Halley by her side. Just hours later she gives birth to her daughter and names her Grace Halley after Halley herself. I loved the vivid description and Sarah Dessen did a wonderful job creating strong characters. She made me fall in love with Scarlett and learn a little from the naïve, unknowledgeable Halley. She really made me want to read on after every chapter, and I prayed through the whole book that Halley would just learn her lesson. I absolutely recommend this book to any girl twelve and up who enjoys relating her life to other girls. It’s definitely and eye-opener!

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