Vegan Virgin Valentine by Carolyn Mackler

January 14, 2013
This book was a fantastic read. I was hooked from the beginning. The story is about a girl, Mara Valentine, who is very uptight. She's a vegan, a straight-A student, and is struggling to keep her grades up so she can beat out her ex-boyfriend, Travis Hart, for the valedictorian spot. But, those plans are altered when her niece, Vivienne Vail Valentine (she likes to be called V), comes to town to stay with Mara and her parents, Mara is less than thrilled. They don't get along at first, but, eventually along the way, V teaches Mara how to become more "loose" and Mara teaches V the differences between "right" and "wrong". In the end, they develop a strong family bond and a strong family love.

I really loved V. She was funny, random, and very witty. She tended to get on Mara's nerves a lot in the beginning because Mara was so serious and V liked to joke around a lot. I love how V is an individual and doesn't let Mara's comments get the best of her. Even though some things she did were questionable, I cheered for her being independent and different.

I also loved Mara. The way she was serious in the beginning sort of drove me nuts, though. I found her quite annoying when she was trying so hard to be serious when V struggled to joke around with her. But, towards the middle, I began to love Mara because she began to learn that you can let loose and have fun sometimes; you don't always have to work.

I found myself in both characters. I found that Mara is who I struggle to be at school, and V is who I am outside of school. I know that during school, I have to be concentrating on work and getting things done, but in the real world, it's okay to have fun. Both characters are very much like my different personalities inside and outside of school, making them easier to love.

This book was funny and interesting. I recommend it to anyone who wants a good read.

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